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The competition’s submission stage is now closed and no further proposals may be submitted to tarboot. Once the judging panel completes reviewing the proposals, we will notify all applicants whether they have been shortlisted.
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    A once-in-2000-years competition


    “We achieve greatness by handing our values onto the next generation and empowering them to go and build the future”

    (Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks)

    Technology and education visionaries,
    start-ups, entrepreneurs,
    Come participate in a competition linking the past and the future


    Selected proposals will win a cash prize of $50,000 each.

    $3 million will be distributed among proposals found suitable for implementation


    The goal of the competition is to promote new initiatives and technological solutions to making cultural heritage treasures an integral and meaningful part of digital spaces, available to wide audiences in Israel and abroad. Enriching our digital platforms with materials representing thousands of years of cultural creativity can transform them into a significant force impacting the present and helping to shape the future

    Cultural heritage is the soul of any society. Engaging with culture is how we transmit our values and histories through the generations, share our hopes with each other, and create that which we leave behind. Engaging with it provides us with opportunities to explore, discover and create, building new connections, and strengthening communities.

    The mission of the National Library of Israel is to collect, preserve and disseminate to the public creative works and cultural heritage. To advance this mission in digital spaces, Yad Hanadiv and the National Library are launching an international competition to bring together the worlds of technology and cultural creativity, placing cultural heritage at the center of our lives.

    We invite you to submit a smart and original and idea that uses innovative technology to make  cultural heritage materials easily accessible and widely used in digital spaces.  The idea must demonstrate potential for broad impact and be feasible to implement.


    *subject to the procedure’s guidelines

    The contest will be held in three tracks:

    • The general track

       for large companies, organizations, and individuals

    • The start-up track

       for start-up companies

    • The student track

       for undergraduate-to-advanced degree students

    To demonstrate the types of solutions we seek, below are some examples of possible directions; you can choose any direction that comes to mind.

    • Depth and context

      Can the past enhance our understanding of the present? Can today’s headlines gain depth and context by yesterday’s news?

    • Big data

      Millions of catalogued items in institutions create vast amounts of data. How can we turn this data into digital content with a story to tell?

    • Genealogy

      What can we learn from historical materials about ourselves and our neighbours? How can joint encounters build new communities?

    • Storytelling

      There are so many ways today tell stories on digital platforms. How can cultural works and contents from the past take on new life in these digital spheres?

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    Submit a smart and original idea that uses innovative technology to bring content from the National Library of Israel and other archives to center stage. The idea must be groundbreaking, feasible, and with potential for broad impact.

    • General Track

    • Start-up Track

    • Student Track


      I agree to receive competition promotional materials


        I agree to receive competition promotional materials


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